VTS TOYS (VM-048B) 1/6 Scale Golden Order - Vargram the Raging Wolf Figure (Deluxe Edition)

$100.00 - $399.99

Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 4th Quarter 2023

*This Product is for Pre-Order*
Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 4th Quarter 2023
(Subject to Change Without Notice)

This time, the team will bring you the popular characters of the most acclaimed games in recent years. The first set is the appearance of the characters after defeating the VARGRAM THE RAGING WOLF, one of the original tarnished, and obtaining his equipment. Our team spent a lot of time to perfectly reproduce the massive and delicate armor of this set of armor. At the same time, in order to restore the unique proportions of the original work, we used the appropriate body and adjusted some parts to restore the tall body in the original game.

In terms of weapons, the normal version is equipped with important weapons in the game, the Sacred Relic Sword, the weapon used by the Queen of the Full Moon, the Carian Regal Scepter, and the Iron Roundshield. In terms of accessories, we try our best to give all kinds of props that are common in the game.
In the deluxe version, we also made a very special weapon in the game, the Golden Order Greatsword, and we used transparent materials to make this magical weapon.

At the same time, in the Deluxe Edition, our team combined the elements of the Roundtable Hold in the game and reassembled it into a unique Roundtable Hold base, and the character can sit on the chair on this base. And in front of this base, we also made the important props in the game, Grace, and added LED lights at the bottom of it, so that Grace can be close to the image in the game.

The 1/6th Scale Vargram the Raging Wolf Collectible Figure (Deluxe Edition) features:

  • One (1) custom articulated body
  • One (1) set of body armor
  • Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable hands


  • One (1) shirt
  • One (1) pair of trousers
  • Cloak


  • One (1) Golden Order Greatsword
  • One (1) Sacred Relic Sword
  • One (1) Carian Regal Scepter
  • One (1) Iron Roundshield
  • One (1) Flask of Crimson Tears
  • One (1) Flask of Cerulean Tears
  • One (1) Torch
  • One (1) Stonesword Key
  • One (1) Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
  • One (1) Spirit Calling Bell
  • One (1) Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot
  • One (1) Dragon Heart
  • One (1) Recusant Finger
  • One (1) Fingerslayer Blade
  • Grace Base
  • Roundtable Hold Base

Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
Product details are subject to change without further notice