DID (D80166) 1/6 Scale WWII German Military Policeman – Richard Figure


The Feldgendarmerie were a type of military policeman, responsible for maintaining discipline and order in the German army, directing traffic, guarding prisoners of war, suppressing guerrillas etc. They all wore a crescent-shaped metal gorget around their necks. The Feldgendarmerie were first established in 1810 when Prussia and other states imitated Napoleon’s military police force and established Germany’s first military police force.

After World War I, Germany was restricted to keeping only 100,000 troops under the Treaty of Versailles and the military police force was disbanded. In 1933, the military police force was re-established and a training school was set up. The German military police were under the command of military police headquarters and were empowered to stop any disorder and arrest any violators. After World War II, German military police in the British and American occupation zones were retained to help maintain order in the occupied areas. However, those in the Soviet occupation zone were mercilessly executed by the Soviets. In 1955, West Germany established a federal defense force, which reorganized its military police force under a new name “Wild Hunter” to distinguish it from the “Chain Dog” of World War II.

DID proudly brings you the 1/6 WWII German military policeman – Richard with a super realistic headsculpt featuring a screaming expression and a stern gaze that perfectly captures the fearsome image of the German military police during WWII.

Richard wears a WWII German M41 tunic and trousers, with a waterproof motorcycle coat on top. In addition, he wears a helmet on his head and a pair of genuine-leather boots on his feet, along with grey gloves and a German toque.

He is armed with an MP41 submachine gun with 5 bullets. MP41 is primarily provided to the police force and is actually a combination of the upper component of the MP40 and the lower component of the MP28. Its wooden stock design provides better stability for the weapon. Meanwhile, it is highly accurate, easy to control, and reliable.

Richard wears a gorget that symbolizes his status as a German military policeman which can glow in the dark. He holds a wooden traffic control paddle. A whistle with a lanyard is around his neck. He also carries handcuffs with a genuine-leather case and a signal flashlight that can be turned on. Moreover, many beautifully-made accessories are also included, such as a bread bag, canteen(plastic), all-new German gas mask canister(plastic), goggles, magazine pouch and a genuine-leather map case with map.

The 1/6 German military policeman is indispensable in your WWII German soldiers team. Just come and take him home to DIY different scenarios.

PS: The action figure (D80159) and the motorcycle with sidecar shown in the images are NOT included in D80166.

  • Super realistic headsculpt
  • All New – DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
  • Left palm x 2 + right palm x 4


  • WWII German helmet with inner liner
  • WWII German M41 tunic
  • Trousers
  • WWII German motorcycle coat
  • Grey gloves
  • Grey toque
  • Belt (genuine leather)
  • Black boots (genuine leather)


  • WWII German gorget
  • Bread bag
  • Canteen (plastic)
  • WWII German gas mask canister (plastic)
  • WWII German gas mask pouch
  • WWII German Traffic Control Paddle (wooden)
  • WWII German signal flashlight(can be turned on)
  • Whistle with lanyard
  • WWII German Magazine pouch
  • Map case (genuine leather)
  • Map
  • Goggles
  • Watch
  • WWII German police come along handcuffs with case (genuine leather)


  • MP41 submachine gun with bullet X 5


  • Collar tab X 1 pair
  • Breast Eagle X 1
  • German police Gendarmerie sleeve eagle X 1
  • Shoulder board X 2 pairs
  • Wound Badge X 1
  • German Sports Badge in bronze X 1
  • Feldgendarmerie cuff title X 1

Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
Product details are subject to change without further notice