Pre-Order Policy


By pre-ordering a product, you are guaranteed the product. If you often find yourself missing out on releases then pre-ordering will help you avoid such experiences. Pre-ordering not only helps you avoid missing out on limited edition collectibles but also helps make collecting a stress-free and fun experience. Keep in mind that a pre-order product can sell out at any time so we recommend that you pre-order as soon as possible.

Please note the manufacturer estimated release date on each product page. We are in constant contact with our distributors regarding product information. In the event that we obtain new information, we will be sure to update the product page accordingly with the most up to date information.

Manufacturer Estimated Release Date:

Quarter 1 - January, February, March
Quarter 2 - April, May, June
Quarter 3 - July, August, September
Quarter 4 - October, November, December

One Sixth Outfitters is not responsible for product delays from the manufacturer. All release date information are estimated by the manufacturer and is subject to change without further notice. In the event the manufacturer decides to cancel a release, we will issue a refund or apply it as a credit towards a pre-existing order if applicable.

Pre-Order Payment Options

There are two available payment options for Pre-Order products:

  1. 100% Full Payment Option - Full cost of item plus cost of shipping will be charged immediately.
  2. Non-Refundable Deposit Payment Option - A percentage of item cost plus shipping cost will be charged immediately. The remaining balance will be charged when item is in stock*. Customers may also request to pay the remaining balance prior to arrival. Customers will have up to 10 days to pay the remaining balance once item is in stock. Failure to pay the remaining balance within the allotted time will result in the non-refundable deposit being forfeited and order cancelled.

*The remaining remaining balance owed will be sent as an invoice email in which you will need to submit payment manually. The invoice email will be sent to the same email address associated with the initial non-refundable deposit order. Please be sure to mark our email address' ( and as safe and not spam to avoid any potential issues. One Sixth Outfitters is not responsible for email notifications that are not received by customers for any reason including, but not limited to, misspelled, mistyped or outdated email addresses, SPAM filtering, email host service blocks or customers inability to access emails.

Pre-Order Cancellations

To secure a pre-order through the production process, some products will require a nominal non-refundable deposit (NRD). The dollar amount of the deposit is listed on the product page prior to checkout. Keep in mind this deposit is not refundable, not transferable to another order nor kept as an account credit upon order cancellation. Only in the event that the manufacturer decides to cancel a release, we will waive the non-refundable deposit fee and issue a full refund or apply the amount as a credit towards an existing pre-order if applicable.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees are applicable for an item that does not require a nominal non-refundable deposit (NRD). The cancellation fee will be 15% per item. If you already paid a non-refundable deposit, that will serve as your cancellation fee.

Credit card companies submitting a dispute, or charge back, to One Sixth Outfitters for any non-refundable deposits, cancellation fees, or back charged customs duties will be given a copy of the terms and conditions of those specific agreements, as well as documentation of our checkout process illustrating your acceptance of the terms, via the customer required action of selecting a check box. The information that will be provided illustrates a contract that you created with One Sixth Outfitters upon checkout. Please keep in mind that any accounts with pending charge backs will be temporarily disabled, to avoid further billing and shipping issues, while all concerns are resolved. Multiple chargebacks may result in account closure.

Waitlist Terms and Conditions

All customers must understand and accept that joining the waitlist is NOT a guaranteed order and that it can only be fulfilled if and when the out of stock product comes back into our inventory due to order cancellations, credit card rejections, warehouse inventory adjustments, and other reasons.

Wait lists may remain active for any length of time and may be closed at any time with or without advance notification to customers. By establishing a wait list for a particular product, One Sixth Outfitters makes no representation whatsoever that the product may become available, that a customer on the waitlist will receive the product or that wait-list orders will be filled in any manner other than at One Sixth Outfitters discretion.