1/6 Scale EXO-Skeleton Armor Suit TEST-02 Figure by Soldier Story

$42.00 - $279.99

Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2022

*This Product is for Pre-Order*
Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2022
(Subject to Change Without Notice)

  • One (1) head sculpt
  • S2.5 articulated body
  • One (1) pair of upper leg sleeve
  • One (1) pair of feet
  • Snake camo black combatshirt
  • Snake camo black combat pants (/w TEST-02 marking)
  • Snake camo black Tier 2pelvic groin protector
  • Black rigger’s belt
  • Black T-shirt
  • White inner vest
  • Sport Blue Tactical boots (fabric)
  • Helmet /w headset and boommic (/w 4x LED helmet head light-up, “TEST-02 UV light illumination features)
  • Magnetic detachable goggles(/w LED light-up feature)
  • Communication backpack (/w LED light-up battery box)
  • Exo skeleton armor suit system (/w “TEST-02 UV light illuminationfeature)
  • AG13 button cell battery x 3
Tactical Gear:
  • EXO skeleton weapon hand x 1 pair
  • EXO skeleton fist hand (left hand)
  • Rotatable G17 holster
  • Rotatable double 5.56 magazine holder
  • Rotatable weapon catch
  • Carabiners
  • Heavy duty tactical rappelling rope (blue)
  • 40mm grenade bandolier (5rd)
Weapons & Accessories:
  • G36K 5.56 assault rifle
  • G36K RAS handguard rails
  • G36 Convex adjustablefolding stock
  • G36 translucent 30rd 5.56magazine x 3
  • M4-2000 suppressor
  • MK4 CQT rifle scope
  • T1 red-dot sight
  • CQB angled T1 mount
  • AFG-2 angled fore grip
  • M32 six-shot revolver grenade launcher
  • M433 40mm HEDPx 6
  • M2A1 reflex sight
  • AN/PEQ-16B laser pointer
  • X400 weapon light laser combo
  • Grip POD foregrip
  • Grenade launcher weapon sling (/w TEST-02 making)
  • Two tone G17 9mm pistol (red skull printed grip)
  • 17rd 9mm magazine x 3
  • Exo skeleton armor suit TEST-02 exclusive figure stand
Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
Product details are subject to change without further notice.