DID (XA80019) 1/12 Scale 2nd Armored Division Hell On Wheels – SSGT Donald Figure

$18.75 - $74.99

Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 1st Quarter 2024

*This Product is for Pre-Order*
Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 1st Quarter 2024
(Subject to Change Without Notice)

We are glad to let you know that there is a brand-new release of WWII action figure in the 1/12 Palm Hero Series — 2nd Armored Division “Hell On Wheels” – SSGT Donald.

He comes with a super realistic headsculpt, with determined eyes and several scars on the face, depicting a battle-hardened and heroic image.

Donald is dressed in typical outfit, including the iconic M1938 helmet, tankers jacket, green shirt, pants, and cavalry boots. The boots are made in two sections to enhance the mobility of the commander. 

He is equipped with an MP44 assault rifle, which combines the characteristics of a rifle and submachine gun, providing sustained firepower, strong lethality and high shooting accuracy. Additionally, there’s an M1917 revolver, a classic weapon from the American during WWI, known for its reliability and powerful .45 ACP ammunition. It has high lethality for close range targets.

Donald comes with two pairs of palms, and a pair of palm with yellow gloves, which are slightly weathered. Furthermore, there are exquisite accessories, including a musette bag, goggles, and two cigarettes.

Don’t miss out on this tank commander, especially if you regret not getting the 1/6 version seven years ago!

  • Super realistic head sculpt
  • 1/12 scale body
  • Left palm x 2 + right palm x 2
  • Palm with brown gloves X 2 (with weathering)


  • M1938 helmet
  • Tankers jacket
  • Green shirt
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Cavalry boots

Weapons & Accessories:

  • Musette bag
  • Goggles
  • Cigarettes X 2
  • MP44 assault rifle
  • M1917 revolver + holster


  • 2nd Armored Division Patch X 2
  • WWII U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Rank Patches X 2
Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
Product details are subject to change without further notice