DID (D80168) 1/6 Scale WWII German Fallschirmjager Axel Figure (20th Anniversary Edition)


Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 1st Quarter 2024

*This Product is for Pre-Order*
Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 1st Quarter 2024
(Subject to Change Without Notice)

As DID embarks on our 20th anniversary milestone, we would like to convey our sincerest appreciation with heartfelt gratitude. Your trust and support have fuelled our ongoing growth and innovation. To commemorate this remarkable occasion, we are back to square one and proudly introduce the DID 20th Anniversary Edition WWII German Fallschirmjager – Axel.

During World War II, the German Air Force’s paratroopers, known as Fallschirmjager, were a rigorously trained and highly skilled unit, specialized in airborne and assault missions. They were among the most elite forces in Germany during WWII and were one of the earliest airborne troops in the world.

The unit was established in 1935. Initially, they were primarily responsible for maintaining Germany’s domestic security, but with the outbreak of war, they swiftly transitioned into a rapid response and offensive military force. They played a significant role in many pivotal campaigns during WWII, including the conquests of Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the renowned Battle of Crete. The performance of the German paratroopers in WWII exemplified their fearless bravery and professional skills, leaving an indelible mark in military history.

DID is thrilled to introduce 20th Anniversary Edition WWII German Fallschirmjager – Axel, who possesses a steadfast and sharp gaze, with a serious and calm demeanour. His forehead bears several scars, the longest of which runs through one eye.

Axel is clad in the typical uniform and trousers of a German Fallschirmjager, accompanied by a camouflage smock produced with brand-new technique and comfortable materials! On normal occasions, he wears German Fallschirmjager visor cap. But during parachuting, he will wear an M38 helmet with a camouflage cover and put on black Fallschirmjager boots made of genuine leather.

Axel is armed with a FG42 rifle, accompanied by a P08 pistol, and a flare gun. He also carries a boot knife, a gravity knife, and a grenade. The FG42 rifle, a specialized weapon for airborne forces, combines the characteristics of a semi-automatic rifle and a light machine gun. It is not only easy to carry, capable of high-precision single-point attacks but also allows for a selective fire mode for wide-scale attacks and fire suppression. The boot knife, an essential survival tool, is easy to carry and conceal, providing protection during unexpected attacks. The gravity knife has a blade housed within the handle, opened by gravity, mainly used for cutting cords entangled in trees. Equipped with a newly made P08 pistol, a flare gun, and a grenade, the weaponry for Axel is comprehensive.

For accessories, in addition to the bread bag, mess tin, and water bottle, there are an M38 gasmask with cloth carrying bag, binoculars, a shovel with a real leather cover, an FG42 bandolier, a metal dog tag, and finely crafted medals. All accessories are exquisitely detailed! We’ve also designed an unique packing, a 20th anniversary retrospective booklet and an unique-numbered commemorative 20th-Anniversary-Edition plate so that you could keep it as a memento.

This DID 20th Anniversary Edition is worldwide limited to 2023 units. Such a beautifully crafted and unique action figure is not to be missed by enthusiasts like you who have a deep passion for military figures!

  • Super realistic headsculpt
  • All New – DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
  • Left palm x 3 + right palm x 3


  • German M38 helmet with inner liner and camo cover
  • German Fallschirmjager visor cap
  • Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse
  • German Fallschirmjager jump trousers
  • German Fallschirmjager camouflage smock
  • Grey toque
  • Y-strape(genuine leather)
  • Belt (genuine leather)
  • Cotton one-piece suit
  • WWII German Fallschirmjager boots(genuine leather)


  • Blue bread bag
  • Canteen (metal)
  • Mess tin (metal)
  • M38 gas mask with cloth carrying bag
  • Binoculars
  • WWII German shovel with carrier(genuine leather)
  • FG42 bandolier
  • Watch
  • Cigarette
  • Dog tag
  • Unique-numbered commemorative 20th-Anniversary-Edition plate
  • 20th Anniversary retrospective booklet


  • P08 pistol with two clips and holster (genuine leather)
  • Flare pistol with 2 cartridges
  • FG42 Type I with long magazine X 2+short magazine X 1+bullet X 8
  • Grenade30 WWII German boot knife
  • Gravity knife


  • Collar tab X 1 pair
  • Shoulder board X 1 pairs
  • WWII German Fallschirmjager sleeve ranking insignia X 2
  • German Luftwaffe Bevo Breast Eagle X 2
  • German Fallschirmjager paratrooper badge X 1
  • Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 x 1
  • Afrika cuff tile X 1
  • Kreta cuff tile X 1

Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
Product details are subject to change without further notice