DID (D80169) 1/6 Scale WWII German 12th SS Panzer Division MG42 gunner – Otto Figure


Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 1st Quarter 2024

*This Product is for Pre-Order*
Manufacturer Estimated Release Date: 1st Quarter 2024
(Subject to Change Without Notice)

June 1944, at the beaches of Normandy. As the Allies unleashed Operation Overlord, their massive invasion to retake Western Europe, the forces of the 12th SS Panzer Division were among those tasked with repelling this colossal assault.

Amidst the sand dunes and scattered French villages, the young MG42 gunner found himself entrenched, awaiting the oncoming storm. The “Hitler’s Buzzsaw,” as the MG42 was grimly nicknamed due to its fearsome rapid rate of fire, was his weapon of choice, and he was a master at wielding it.

As waves of Allied troops stormed the beaches and parachuted into the hinterlands, the gunner’s position became crucial. Nestled in a well-fortified spot overlooking a key route inland, he represented a significant challenge to the advancing forces. Every time the Allies attempted to advance, the unmistakable and terrifying rattle of the MG42 cut them down, earning him both respect and notoriety.

DID depicts that fateful summer in Normandy with this incredible lifelike 1/6 WWII German 12th SS Panzer Division MG42 gunner, the young man Otto. The authentic headsculpt portrays a blend of youthful innocence and solemnity, with eyes filled with determination.

He wears the typical M43 uniform and trousers. On top is a distinctive Panzer Combi in Italian Camo. He can be adorned with a side cap or a helmet. And around his neck, he wears a grey toque. Real leather Y-straps and belt are hung on his back and waist, and a pair of brown ankle boots are on his feet.

The remarkable MG42 machine gun never left his hand. It is entirely made of metal and meticulously recreated with high details. In addition, he carries a P08 pistol and is equipped with a compact, sharp HJ knife with significant lethality.

For accessories, he comes with a canteen, a mess tin, a shovel, gas mask canister, and gas mask pouch. Additionally, there’s a bread bag and a tool pouch. He’s also equipped with a variety of beautifully crafted metal medals, making the accessory set quite extensive.

Dive deep into the history with this classic MG42 gunner. It is a must-have for those passionate about WWII German forces. Do NOT miss out on him.

  • Headsculpt
  • Body
  • Left Palm X 3 + Right Palm X 3


  • Helmet with inner liner and camouflage cover
  • WWII German M40 side cap
  • WWII German M43 uniform
  • Trousers
  • WWII German Panzer Combi Overalls in Italian Camo
  • German toque
  • Belt (genuine leather)
  • Y-straps (genuine leather)
  • WWII German field canvas gaiters
  • Boots (genuine leather)


  • WWII German canteen (Plastic)
  • WWII German mess tin (Plastic)
  • WWII German gas mask canister (Plastic)
  • WWII German shovel (Wood and Plastic)
  • Bread bag
  • WWII German gas mask pouch
  • MG42 tool pouch (genuine leather and canvas)
  • Cigarette


  • P08 pistol with holster (genuine leather)
  • “MG42 machine gun (metal) with drum magazine, bullet chain and bullet X 7”
  • HJ Knife (metal) with Scabbard (metal and genuine leather)


  • Cuff title
  • Collar tab x 1 pair
  • Shoulder board x 1 pair
  • Sleeve rank chevron
  • Breast Eagle x 2
  • Black wound badge x 1
  • HJ proficiency badge x 1
  • Iron Cross 2nd class x 1

Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
Product details are subject to change without further notice