World Box (AT039) 1/6 Scale The Surgeon Figure

  • One (1) head sculpt
  • One(1)worldbox body
  • Four(4)pairs of hands, natural hand, open hand, gun-holding hand, and object-holding hand
  • Two(2)pairs of glove hands
  • One(1)medical mask
  • One(1)piece of surgical clothing
  • One(1)dark blue suit top
  • One(1)white shirt
  • One(1)patterned tie
  • One(1)pair of gray trousers
  • One(1)suitcase that can be opened and closed in real terms
  • One(1)blood bag
  • One(1)syringe
  • One(1)bottle of injection
  • Two(2)fountain pens, different shapes
  • One(1)electronic control key for the car
  • One(1)white medicine bottle that can really open the cap
  • Two(2)scalpels, different shapes
  • Two(2)surgical scissors, different shapes
  • One(1)pair of black leather shoes
  • One(1)new type of bracket drawer, with figures corresponding to the environment patterns on the front and sides

Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
Product details are subject to change without further notice